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GT Cockpit ClubSport
  • GT Cockpit ClubSport

    Introducing the ClubSport product range; GT ClubSport is inspired by true GT race car geometrics, the EFFECT Simulations GT ClubSport utilises an aluminium construction and materials and construction to cut costs while still achieving perfect stiffness, form factor & useability.


    ClubSport features the following design features to put YOU ahead of the competition:


    • Everything you need to win, at entry level pricing
    • Main chassis contructed from 80*40mm extrusion
    • Integrated & Adjustable Fanatec Wheel Base Design - Other wheel bases are also compatible!
    • Universal Seat Fitment
    • Universal Pedal Fitment
    • Low Ground Clearance design for a sleek look
    • Expandible & Future Proof
    • ClubSport Sticker Kit


    Integrated Fanatec Direct Drive Mounting


    If you require a non Fanatec wheel base mounting solution then please leave a note at the checkout. A standard wheel base piece can be included free of charge!

    • How to Configure the Cockpit?

      Choose everything you need to start using and racing with your new simulator! The selection chosen in the drop-down menus will define your configuration.


      Here you can find a option to suit your budget, and also your platform of choice. EFFECT Simulations GT Cockpit EVO is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox & PC.


      Steering & Pedal Options

      By using the drop down menu the following options can be chosen:


      Fanatec CSL DD + Wheel & Pedals

      Xbox & PC Compatible - Includes Fanatec CSL DD Pro, Fanatec Wheel & Fanatec CSL Pedals


      Fanatec CSL DD & V3 Pedals

      Xbox & PC Compatible - Includes Fanatec CSL DD 8nm, Fanatec Mclaren Wheel & Fanatec V3 Pedals


      Fanatec CSL DD Pro Pack

      PlayStation, Xbox & PC Compatible - Includes Fanatec CSL DD Pro, Fanatec PlayStation Wheel & Fanatec CSL Pedals


      Fanatec CSL DD & Heusinkveld Pedals

      PC Compatible - Includes Fanatec CSL DD 8nm, Fanatec Mclaren Wheel & Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals


      Fanatec DD1 & Heusinkveld Pedals

      PC Compatible - Includes Fanatec DD1, Fanatec Mclaren Wheel & Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals


      Simucube Pro & Heusinkveld Pedals

      PC Compatible - Includes Simucube 2 Pro, Porsche Wheel / Ascher Paddle + Button Module & Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals


      Should you wish to further personalise your configuration, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and a bespoke package can be created for you.

    • Created by Necessity

      A racing simulator should encapsulate all aspects of real driving, including seating position; this was the key focus throughout the design process. By 3D scanning the interior of a real race car, the EFFECT Simulations GT ClubSport Cockpit has been accurately designed to recreate the geometric design that automotive manufactures dedicate countless design hours and design budget to.

    • Cost Friendly Materials

      GT ClubSport Cockpit is manufactured usinga predominantly aluminium construction & 3D printed components. The ClubSport range has been engineered to keep costs down, without sacrifcing perfomance.

    • Performance Driven

      After the success of GT Cockpit EVO the next step is to introduce a cost effective and entry level cockpit. The ClubSport range supports the most powerful Direct Drive wheel bases, and high force brake pedals.

    • Universal Compatibility

      The cockpit is supplied with a suitable fixings for seat and pedal base installation in order for compatibility to all peripherals. If the Pre-Assembled option is chosen then this will be done here at EFFECT Simulations HQ or in situ at your chosen address/location.

    • Further Information




      For further information, case studies and product videos, see the BLOG section of the website.

    • Pre-Assembled

      If you require a preconfigured, assembled, tested and delivered GT ClubSport Cockpit then select this option. The cockpit will either be assembled before delivery, or once in situ at an address of your choice.

    • Shifter, Handbrake & Motion Compatible

      Fully immerse yourself in the driving experience by adding the optional shifter mount, compatible with Fanatec & Heusinkveld products. Or take it to the next level by integrating motion in to your setup!

    449,00 €Price
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