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Immerse Yourself - Motion Cockpit & Peripherals Added!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Introducing motion technology to the EFFECT Simulations GT Cockpit, compatible with ALL existing EFFECT products on the market!

Integrating the motion systems to the GT Cockpit range was always something that was planned, however ensuring the perfect quality, aesthetics and functionality was always at the forefront of attention.

As from Summer 2022 the integration of motion to the EFFECT GT Cockpit is complete, the highly reliable and cost effective SIMRIG II system has been used in conjunction with custom fixings, 3D printed parts and hardware to bring the system together to work as one.

Shifter & Handbrake Integration

Since day one, the goal has always been to have shifting and handbrake controlled in an authentic manner. It has taken over one full year of development, but now finally it is possible to mount your Fanatec, Heusinkveld & Logitech accessories to the cockpit on either the left, right or both sides!

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